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Pit Bull Walks His Girlfriend Home After a Playdate Like a True Gentleman

Whenever you see a man being a gentleman, you know that his parents did something right in raising him. And apparently, the same is true for dogs! In a new TikTok video shared by @amber.banda, a Pit Bull named Blue is seen being a true gent to his doggie girlfriend, and it's so sweet to see! 

In the clip, you'll see Blue kind of stopped in the road, looking off into the distance. And as you'll hear his mom explain on the video, he'd just had a playdate with his girlfriend. Not only did he walk her home, but he waited to make sure she got there safely. This pup is something else!

What a good, good boy! His mom is obviously so proud, as she should be! Is this a case of a human being trapped in a dog's body, or something? Because nobody told him to stand there and check up on his girl like that. Everyone is impressed with what a class act he is. One commenter, @Ohyeah7687 said, "What a beautiful gentleman. 'Mom, hold on. I’m gonna walk my hunny home.' 🥰" Another TikTok user, @Mia Hunna added, "He's doing better than most men now... what a gentleman 🥰." (Sad, but true.)

And @King Bean joked, "Tinder rating is 5k and rising 😂." Please. This man is way too distinguished for dating apps.

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After some commenters asked to see Blue's girlfriend, his mom uploaded this follow-up video.

Aww! What a sweetheart! Don't she and Blue make the most adorable couple? Here's to many more playdates and loving walks home between them.

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