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Video of Puppy Clinging to Mom Before She Leaves for Work Gives Us All the Feels

Having a new puppy is such a wonderful and life-changing experience, but when you have to leave them to go to work, it can be so difficult! One TikTok user named Courtney, @clydecl, knows this all too well, as she recently had to leave her Golden Retriever puppy for the very first time to return to the office. 

The pup absolutely did not want her to leave, and she shared a video of him clinging to her arm for dear life, hoping she'd change her mind about going in. With 1.6 million views, there are obviously so many people who can't get enough of this pup's love for his mom.

Aww! It's like he's saying, "Please don't leave me, my hooman. I wuv you and want you to stay here!" Nobody wanted her to leave the pooch behind. @Min said, "Well. Looks like u gotta quit and be a stay at home mom then 😌." Another commenter, @Jennerrrrs added, "Jobs need to give maternity leave for puppies, lol. It's SO HARD leaving them ☹️😭💔." Indeed, it is! And @Abbigale Simonson wins for the very best response: "And people have the audacity to say that pets aren’t our kids." They totally are! 

You'll be happy to know that it appears that Courtney caved, as she wound up just taking the pup to work with her. She reports that he's quickly proving to be quite the perfect little office mate, saying, "Brought him to work with me yesterday and he was such a good boy!" While it was probably hard to concentrate on work, what with how adorable this precious guy is, we're so glad to hear he didn't have to stay home all alone after all!

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