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Puppy Has Epic Reaction After Being Caught Pushing Another Pup Down Stairs

Dogs love to play, especially puppies. They have endless energy to keep going and run around the house all day. It's all harmless fun, just like when two siblings poke fun at each other. And for the most part, they don't take things too far. 

But in a video that was first posted by Reddit user Josmer_Suero, it's clear that some pups are a bit more aggressive than others! The video was shared in the AnimalsBeingDerps channel, and it has over 350 comments and 46.5K likes. In the clip, two puppies are seen playing at the top of the stairs when one small push sent one of them over the edge. Check out the look on the offender's face when he got caught red handed.

The "If you say anything, you're next, Susan," caption couldn't be more perfect. It really does look like the pup is saying, "What? Nothing to see here? Move right along."

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OMG. You could even hear the thuds as the one pup hit each stair. We sure hope he is ok! (Poor little thing.)

Viewers have been active in the Reddit comments and are warning the videographer to be careful. "He’s like..snitch and you’re next!" wrote Reddit user @luna-loveless. @DeahDeLegande even called this a tiny version of Scar and Mufasa! 

Another commenter, MySocksFeelFantastic, said, "Tail wag says he just found his new favorite activity." 

Let's just go ahead and assume that the little pup who fell is perfectly unharmed, otherwise, we highly doubt this video would've been shared. Pups will be pups, but hopefully, as time goes on, they'll play a little nicer with each other and will grow up to be the very best of friends! 

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