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Queen Elizabeth's Dog Crashes Her Platinum Jubilee Party

On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, which was the 70th anniversary of the day she ascended to the throne. The milestone marks her time as the longest-reigning monarch in history, so it's no wonder that a celebration took place. Of course, it wouldn't be a party without a party crasher, who came in the form of one of her beloved dogs.

In this video, you'll see a short overview of the history of how and when Queen Elizabeth came to be the monarch. But it's right around the 1:35 mark where you'll see her precious little Dorgi, Candy, approach her at her desk as if to say, "Hi mom! What are you up to?" She's sitting there reading cards from well-wishers, but she doesn't hesitate to acknowledge the pup.

What a cutie! Don't you love how that little dog just walked straight up to her and then back out of the room like they own the joint? (She might be the monarch, but we all know those dogs rule the roost.)

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According to CTV News, she turned to Candy and said, "Where did you come from? I know what you want." It's probably safe to assume she was referring to a treat or some playtime. 

Whatever the dog was looking for, it's so adorable to see that the Queen's dogs appear to have free rein of the palace, regardless of any sort of official business she has going on, which is as it should be.

Queen Elizabeth's deep love for her dogs has been evident over the years, as she had Corgis growing up and has raised them ever since. Candy, of course, is a Dorgi, which is a mix between a Dachshund and a Corgi. In her time as monarch, she's actually had more than 30 dogs, and she just added a new pup to the mix a couple of weeks ago. Her latest addition is a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel named "Lissy."

Something tells us that Lissy is settling in just fine to royal life. And if she needs any help adjusting, surely Candy can show her the ropes.

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