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Raccoon Regularly Drops Her Babies Off at Woman's House When She Needs a Break

Let's be honest -- raising kids is super rewarding, but it's also incredibly tiring! One mama raccoon knows this all too well, so she decided to seek out some help. In a new TikTok video that has over 1 million views, user @marplekee explains how she inadvertently started a "raccoon daycare" after a mama raccoon showed up in her backyard one day, very tired and weak.

This woman gave her some food and water, and then the next day, the raccoon showed back up with her babies in tow, and she's continued to bring them into the woman's yard ever since. The best part is, when she does show up with them, she lays down to rest while the woman "babysits." This is seriously one of the sweetest examples of trust between a wild animal and human that you'll ever see.

Aww! We know the feeling, mom! It's wonderful when you have someone who you can entrust to take good care of your kids while you grab a much-needed nap. 

So many people are loving the beautiful bond the woman and the raccoon have formed. @Daisy Mo said, "I’ve been that exhausted from momming before but the difference is the raccoon mom was smart enough to stagger into someone’s backyard & ask for help." Another commenter named @Mari thinks the raccoon day care has movie theme potential, saying, "I’m waiting for Disney to make a short about this." And @PJ added, "This is really amazing—a safe space in this unpredictable world 😏."

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Here's another cute update that the video creator shared from her special "day care."

Aww. Just a mom and her babies out enjoying a fun day together. We can't wait to see just how long they keep paying this woman a visit for her services! 

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