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Ragdoll Cat Lovingly Tries to Comfort Crying Baby in Touching Video

It's so incredibly sweet when animals can sense that we're upset and want to give us extra affection. This is especially true when it comes to pets being caring and protecting to the children in their family. One mom of a Ragdoll cat just shared the sweetest video of her kitty trying to comfort her crying baby, and it's just too sweet.

It was posted to her TikTok account, @pearlsragdolls, and people can't get over just how in tune the cat is with the baby's emotions. In the clip, you'll see the child sitting on mom's lap crying, and all of a sudden, the cat, named Clementine, springs into action.

Aww. The way the kitty rubbed up on her as if to say, "It'll be ok, little one!" Everyone is touched by the cat's tenderness. One commenter, @soniii said, "Oh my goodness, that is absolutely so sweet and precious!!!" We also learned that the baby's name is Blossom from @tokoyami145, who added, "Clementine is a personal nanny for Miss Blossom 🌸." @Brendon Smith chimed in with, "That cat knows how to make Blossom happy."

Of course, we have to mention why the baby was crying in the first place. As her mom noted in the video caption, "She was sad because I wouldn't let her have the phone, but she got what she wanted in the end." Ha! That kid knows how to work her mama, that's for sure.

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In a more recent video uploaded by the mother, the bond between Clementine and Blossom is even more evident.

Aww. What a precious, beautiful friendship these two have! We'll look forward to seeing more of them as time goes on.

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