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Robert Irwin Shares Video of the Moment a Crocodile Almost Attacked Him

On the season finale of his show, Crikey, It's the Irwins!, Robert Irwin was almost attacked by a 12-foot crocodile named Casper, and the footage is pretty scary, as you can imagine. In an exclusive interview with ET, Robert recounted what happened, saying, "We had a croc, a brand-new crocodile that was actually rescued by my dad and moved into a new enclosure. It was our first time doing a feeding and everything. Long story short, it was the fist time I ever actually had to completely ditch the food run and jump over a fence while there was a croc right at my heels -- a massive, dominant male."

Given that Robert is the son of The Crocodile Hunter himself, the late Steve Irwin, it's not surprising that he has the same brave spirit and doesn't hesitate to jump right into a crocodile enclosure. But as you'll see, the last few seconds of this video show just how close he came to being attacked by the animal.

"Bail! Bail! Bail!" Wow. It was pretty wild to see that croc go right past the meat he dropped after eyeing Robert as a much bigger piece of fresh meat! Even though he's around these animals on a regular basis and they're accustomed to seeing him, sometimes nature takes over and, well, crocs will be crocs?

Despite this close call, however, we don't think anyone expects him to hesitate to get up close and personal with Casper, or any other croc for that matter, again. In the ET interview, Robert also said, "At Australia [Zoo], we work with crocs like nowhere else on the planet and we're able to get in there -- not just chuck a piece of food at them but really replicate their natural behavior. They get to jump out of the water, they get to hunting and striking like they would in the wild. It's great for them mentally and physically."

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To view the entire episode, Crikey, It's the Irwins can be streamed on Animal Planet and Discovery +.

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