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Robert Irwin's 'Dangerous' Photo of His Pug Napping Is a Real Gem

There's no question that the Irwin family has the biggest hearts for animals. The children of the late Steve Irwin are constantly sharing the coolest photos and videos of exotic animals and educating us. Plus, they also post photos of their own pets, giving us a glimpse into their daily lives, and we can't get enough!  

One little Irwin pet we need more of is Robert Irwin's pug named Stella. Stella has her own Instagram account, @stellairwinthepug, which includes photos of her, Robert, and her doggy sibling, Piggy. In a recent Instagram post, Stella gave us an idea of what her typical nap setup looks like. And let's just say she's definitely an Irwin, walking on the wild side with animals! "I like to nap dangerously 🦈," the post said.  

Aww! Look how adorable she is snuggling up next to a shark! She can even make a shark look cute! "Wow brave 😍," commented @vaishali_prakash11. Seriously, what other dog would be bold enough to sleep next to a shark?! @thebelfordbead added, "#sharkweekready." If shark week includes adorable sleeping pups like this, then please sign us up for an entire month! 

"Shes so pugging cute!!! 😂❤️," said @maegan.baker158. It's not just her adorable napping that is so cute, everything Stella does is adorable. She's living the life with Robert and Piggy, traveling and soaking up that Australian sun. 

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Looks like Stella and Robert are big on adventures and road trips. She's truly living out a dream life! Can we come too?! 

Keep the pics of Stella coming, Robert! We can't get enough of them.

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