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Sad Cat Pouts on Mom's Shoulder After Being Chased by the Dog

Aww. Human siblings love to torment each other for whatever reason, and apparently the same is true for some animals. After seeing this video of a sad cat pouting on her mom's shoulder after the dog chased him, you'll be convinced pets get their feelings hurt, too! 

The video of the cat was shared on TikTok by her mom, @angelas_escapades, and with nearly 1 million views, so many people feel absolutely terrible for this upset kitty. But as tough as it is to see the cat in such a sad state, watch how tender and loving his mom is with him to try and make him feel better.

OMG. He wouldn't even pick his little head up off her shoulder! Clearly, he knows exactly who to go to for comfort. And how sweet is their little bedtime routine? What a wonderful cat mama. So many people have been touched by this precious video. One commenter, @Elle H praised the mom, saying, "The gentle parenting and acknowledging his emotions is sending me! 😂." Angela, the video creator and mom, replied to that comment with, "😂 I know I sound crazy, but I love him lol." Um, trust us, Angela, you don't sound crazy at all! Our pets are family, too.

Some people, like @Melli, wanted to have a word with the dog: "Respectfully let me speak to the dog…" And @jasminedelarosa021 added, "Let me tell that dog something real quick 😭."

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Several people asked for an update on how the cat was doing after this clip was taken, so Angela shared a follow-up video.

We're so happy to hear that he's doing ok! There's nothing that some tender loving care from mom and a few good snuggles can't fix.

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