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Video of Sea Lion Hugging Her Trainer Is Melting Hearts

Is there anything more beautiful than the bonds that animals develop with their favorite humans? And it's not just reserved for domesticated animals, either. The Mystic Aquarium shared a video on TikTok of a sea lion hugging her trainer, and the bond between them is moving people so much, it's racked up over 4.8 million views.

The clip, which was taken during one of their daily sea lion shows, starts off with trainer Courtney introducing the crowd to Clara, a 7-year-old sea lion she works with on a daily basis. Before she can even get going with showing off some of Clara's tricks, the sweet animal goes up and hugs her and puts her head on her shoulder. Get ready for your heart to melt.

Could they be any sweeter together? It's clear that Clara thoroughly trusts Courtney and loves being in her presence, which is so wonderful to see. And how about Courtney's nickname for her? Peanut. (Sniff, sniff.)

The comments are flooded with people saying they've never been so jealous of an animal hug in their entire lives! In addition to loving Clara's hugs, TikTok users also think Clara has a great smile, and they're very taken by her little nod at the end after Courtney tells her how pretty she is. 

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Here's part 2 of their adorable interaction, for anyone who'd like to see more of this sweet pair. Spoiler alert: it starts off with this precious gal getting a belly rub.

Her tricks are just as impressive as her hugging skills, but it's that last big embrace she gives Courtney at the end of part 2 that's beyond irresistible. (Who else would totally be up for some sea lion snuggles?)

Mystic Aquarium is located in Connecticut, but its TikTok account has followers from all over the United States who love to tune in to see videos of not only sea lions, but beluga whales, penguins, reptiles, and more. If you want a guaranteed dose of happy each day, we highly suggest checking them out! 

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