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Shelter Pairs Senior Cats With Senior Owners to Save Lives and Ease Loneliness

Currently in the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of animals sitting in shelters who are waiting for their forever homes. And sadly, since puppies, kittens, and younger animals tend to be more desirable to adoptees, senior animals are the ones who wind up being forgotten in shelters. One Connecticut rescue is attempting to change all that, however. Whiskers Pet Rescue out of Southbury is pairing senior cats with senior owners in an attempt to ease loneliness and give cats loving homes.

Through their senior-to-senior foster program, senior citizens who are able to take an animal into their home are given everything they need to care for the cat, free of charge. Pet food, kitty litter, and all veterinary care is paid for, as you'll hear more about in a video shared by WFSB.

Here's one more example of successful senior-to-senior fosters that are now living their best lives with their new companions.

The Whiskers Pet Rescue Facebook page is filled with photos of other cats who are still in need of loving homes. Through their senior foster program and their efforts in general, this wonderful organization is helping save the lives of so many homeless cats.

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Whiskers might be located in Connecticut, but other pet rescues across the country have similar senior foster programs. Here are a few that we found after doing a search.

Helping Paws Animal Shelter, Woodstock, Illinois

Fancy Cats & Dogs, Herndon, Virginia

Richmond SPCA, Richmond, Virginia

Massachusetts Humane Society, Braintree, Massachusetts

Friendship Animal Protective League, Elyria, Ohio

If you are a senior citizen or know someone who would consider being part of a senior-to-senior foster program, be sure to check out local rescues in your area to see if something similar is offered. These programs provide such a wonderful way to give animals the homes they deserve while helping older adults find additional love and companionship.

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