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Sad Dog Pouts Like a Kid Because the Cat Won't Play With Her

We always hear about kids yelling and screaming when they don't get their way, but what does that look like for a dog? One thing's for certain, it's way cuter! Most of the time, dogs will go with the flow. Of course, every once in a while, there are days when a dog will show some sass when they don't get what they want. This is true for one especially vocal Shiba Inu, who brought in over 32.1K likes on Reddit. 

Reddit user @Roam_Hylia posted a video of the Shiba Inu expressing how upset she was. The caption reads, "She's complaining at the cat for not playing with her." The dog's wagging tail shows hope that her cat sibling will finally come around to play. But from the sounds of her quirky whimpers, this isn't the first time the cat said no. 

How could you say no to her!? She is asking nicely! Reddit user @Blackmercury4ub commented, "She makes a good argument," which we have to agree! But could there be more? "Sounds like a little trash talking going on," wrote @Mediocre_Ferret8423, in which the author, @Roam_Hylia, responded, "She is quite the trash talker." So this must be a frequent occurrence! 

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We can't see the cat's reaction, but if some trash talking is going on, the cat must be rolling her eyes or possibly plotting a counter argument. Either way, this pup is not the only one who receives the silent treatment from cats. 

Reddit user @Catlovingcutie said, "As somebody who is obsessed with their cats, I can relate lol." @Roam_Hylia replied, " I also complain when they don't want my attention." Don't worry doggo, the cat is ignoring everyone in the family! There are plenty of others who would love to play with you! 

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