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Shih-Tzu's Reaction to Realizing He's Getting a Puppuccino Is Just Too Cute

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that puppuccinos have become a thing over the past few years. Whenever we make a trip to our favorite coffee shop, our dogs can indulge, too! (What a time to be alive.) Of course, some pups have become accustomed to getting their special snack. 

A TikTok video that was shared by @bubbaandbebe shows just how addicted one Shih-Tzu named Bubba is to his favorite treat. The clip was taken in the drive-thru line, and you'll hear Bubba's dad place his order and say, "Also, two puppuccinos, please." Get a load of the pup's reaction after hearing his request.

LOL! Bubba knows what he wants! How adorable was it when he stopped pawing at the seat and started crying? Dogs are just the best. TikTok users are totally loving Bubba's sweet reaction and are taken with just how observant and smart he is. One commenter, @heidicross33 said, "Yah. Tell me they don’t understand English!" And @Paula added, "That's the magic word!! 😁🐶🍵." Another user, @D joked, "Why can’t they move faster? Very bad customer service. Don’t they see the baby is fending?"

Aww. We'd sure love to see a follow-up video of Bubba and his sister, Bebe, enjoying their puppuccinos. And something tells us that their dad never leaves a drive-thru line without making sure they each have one! Such lucky little pups!

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