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Sleepy Cat's Reaction to Hearing Birds Outside Couldn't Be More Fitting

We all have those days when the alarm clock buzzes, and you roll over frustrated about waking up. Why does morning come so quickly?! We do a little groan before forcing ourselves up. Animals are no different when it comes to sleep. This is because well, sleep is precious!  

In @schmallison123's first TikTok video that has gone viral, a sleepy cat shares the frustration of getting woken up. Her little meow is so adorable but also so relatable! She was getting comfy with a big stretch and yawn when the birds wouldn't stop singing. Don't they know it's nap time?! The clip now has over 6.2 million views and 1.3 million likes. 

Aww! You can tell how sleepy this cat is with her tired and beautiful eyes. We feel you, little girl. TikTok users are flooding the comments, as they've all have had similar experiences. "A scream yawn. I do one every morning I wake up," wrote @Zanniganz. This cat is polite, yelling at the birds to stop yapping! The creator replied to the scream yawn and is calling is a "scrawn." Ha! Others are saying it is a "meyawn." We're adding both of these words to our vocabulary.

"Me!! Facing this week!! Dead tired but still screaming!! 😂," said @Sky. This is how we've been feeling all week too! Anyone else?Don't worry, we're at the halfway mark. 

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"Its cute when cats do it, but when i do it, it’s “weird” 🤪," joked @Jay. Yeah, why isn't it acceptable for humans to do the same thing? We want to be able to scrawn and not get looked at like we're nuts. 

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