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Video of St. Bernard 'Helping With the Dishes' Is Going Viral

Some pups just can't get enough of human food, especially when mom has made something really delicious for dinner. And apparently one St. Bernard is a huge fan of her chicken, based on a TikTok video of him getting the rest of the leftovers that's going viral with over 22 million views. 

It was shared by @babymoooosee, and in the clip, you'll see the dog standing over the sink, dutifully cleaning off the remnants of dinner from the dishes. It's captioned with, "Someone decided to help with the dishes after I made delicious chicken for them 😂." Get a load of this hungry guy.

Bless his heart! He just can't get enough of those chicken remnants! Again, this video has over 22 million views, so it has a lot of eyes on it, so comments are pouring in. Believe it or not, even Kevin Bacon -- yes, Kevin Bacon -- left one, saying, "Always appreciate a helper." Moose's mom couldn't believe it, replying with, "Is this real life?!🤯." And @Sudhir Patel added, "I thought he was doing the dishes. 🍽 And he was, until you interrupted." Ha!

A lot of the viewers can't get over just how big this pup is. @Gecko exclaimed, "I don't want to alarm you, but there is a BEAR IN YOUR KITCHEN!!!" @Gaylnn Clark didn't even think this was a real kitchen, saying, "I legit thought you had made a mini kitchen for your normal sized dog. 🤦🏻‍♀️" 

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This big boy is just way too irresistible, and you really can't fault him for wanting to get every last morsel of his meal! After all, it sounds like his mom cooks extra special dishes just for him, so he's actually giving her a huge compliment if he likes her cooking that much, right?

Come on over to our house, buddy. We'll let you clean up the kitchen any time you want.

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