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Stray Dog Heroically Saves His Friend's Life in Heart-Stopping Video

It always breaks our hearts when we see that an animal was hit by a car. Sometimes, they aren't aware of cars, and other times, drivers can be distracted. Either way, we just wish animals could understand the dangers of the road, and we'd love to protect them in all situations! Luckily for one stray dog, his wise friend knew how to act quickly. 

A Reddit video that was originally posted by @Xclusivecrushr and shared in the @AnimalsBeingBros channel shows two stray dogs walking along a rode where only a couple of motorbikes are cruising down the street. The two dogs are aware of this, as you can see them look in either direction. They begin to make their way across the street, but out of nowhere, a speeding car comes barreling down. Check out how the one stray dog jumped into action.   

Phew, that was a close one! That dog was so lucky the other one was there and attentive! They were both able to safely get out of the way. "Dog showed perfect situational awareness, responded swiftly, probably faster than some humans would have responded," wrote Reddit user @Kitchen_Season7324. Do you think humans could have reacted that quickly? We sure hope so! 

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"I'm not crying 😭," said @JinzoSpoon. Well, we certainly are crying, but tears of joy, obviously! @PNWest01 added, "This the best thing I’ve seen all day." And we agree! That was such a scary, but happy ending for both doggos. 

Some users are praising this good pup and calling him the "dogssiah!" @SuckerNumber2YT said, "It’s the Dog messiah! He/She will lead all the doggos and puppers to the promised land! They’ll become the goodest Good Bois of all time!!!" This really is one good boy! He deserves all the treats, love, and a friendly home!  

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