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Supermodel Iman's New Puppy Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

There's nothing more exciting than bringing a new furry friend into the family, especially when it comes to showing them off to family and friends! Supermodel Iman just welcomed a new American Cocker Spaniel named Mars into her home, and she shared a photo of herself with the precious pup on Instagram page. 

The image is captioned with, "Ladies & Gentlemen, please, meet & welcome the new addition to our family! Mars is a chocolate American Cocker Spaniel 3 1/2 months old! #MarsLove." Get ready to fall in love with Mars. We sure did! 

What a handsome little guy! Plenty of people hopped into the comments on the post to say congratulations and to welcome Mars home. Everyone is so thrilled for Iman, and there were lots of comments about how perfect and fitting his name is, given his beautiful chocolate color -- like a Mars bar!

As was noted by PEOPLE, Iman lost her beloved dog, Max, in February of last year, and she shared this photo with the news of his passing.

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Losing a pet family member is beyond difficult, and the grief is something that never really leaves you. It really is sweet that both of Iman's dogs have three-letter "M" names, which connects them in a way. It's also very touching that she uses the hashtags #MaxLove and #MarsLove.

She's no doubt enjoying this special time with her newest addition. The puppy phase can be a challenge, but it's also incredibly rewarding to bond and watch your relationship grow with a dog.

We'll look forward to seeing more photos of this adorable little guy as time goes on, provided that she's willing to share them with the world! 

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