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Taylor Swift's Cat Is Worth So Much Money It's Insane

It's no secret that Taylor Swift has quite the luxurious lifestyle, but apparently being Taylor Swift's cat is also worthy of celebration. In a new article that was featured in Seventeen and shared on Yahoo, the writer freaked out after learning Taylor's cat, Olivia Bension's, net worth.

This information has actually been out there for a few years, as Olivia Benson is listed on Wikipedia's list of richest animals. Not surprisingly, the late Grumpy Cat had a net worth of $1 million, which is chump change compared to how much Miss Olivia Benson is worth. She's so powerful, Taylor has even referred to her as "Captain," for crying out loud.

Ok, are you ready for this? You might want to sit down. This cat is worth -- wait for it -- a whopping $97 million! No, that is not a typo. $97 million! 

And get this one -- this cat actually made some of that dough herself. For starters, she starred in Taylor's Diet Coke commercial, along with a bunch of other pampered and rich kitties. She also did a Keds ad and a commercial for AT&T.

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She's even had her fair share of celebrity encounters, being that she's one very famous cat with a very famous mama, and all.

Olivia was even featured on The List as one of the top three richest pets in the world.

Girl is certainly living the feline dream. And even though their net worth might not be as high as Olivia's, odds are good that Taylor's two other cats, Meredith Grey and Benjamin Button. 

It's pretty clear that Taylor loves all of her kitties to the moon and back.

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