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Toddler's Over-the-Top Reaction to Meeting a New Dog Is Beyond Adorable

We don't know if we'll ever get over running into dogs on the daily. They're so adorable, fluffy, and precious! But as you get older, you're supposed to keep your cool when you see a dog. Whoever made that rule was clearly not a dog person. From now on, we'll be taking our dog social cues from this excited toddler. 

TikTok user @lilskrimp posted a video of an excited toddler meeting a good pup. The adorable clip has over 1.8 million views and 372.4K likes. The caption reads, "I too, have the same reaction when I see my dog." We have the same reaction not just for our dog, for all dogs! The little boy has the biggest smile on his face and keeps yelling, "A doggy, a doggy!" He jumps up and down, and we can feel his excitement from a mile away! 

Aww!! Did you see how the dog just sits there basking in the glory?! We can't handle the cuteness! "And the dog is just like, 'Yes, it is I, a doggy,'" said @Hope. "The doggie just enjoying the vibe 😂," wrote @Francisco Salcido, and @user9605134 added, "The dog's just like '😛'." The creator responded, "No thoughts just cuteness." Really, both the toddler and the pup are so cute, we could squeeze them! 

Plus, the little boy didn't overcrowd him with pets. He was taught right! And we're sure he eventually he asked to pet the dog. That's some good behavior, so it sounds like he needs a pet of his own! @Keely Saraceni said, "Get this boy a dog of his own NOW." 

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TikTok users are admitting they are exactly like this little kid when they see a dog and showing no shame in it! Why would it?! @T-Smalls wrote, "When I’m drunk at a party and I see a dog." Ha! But we have to agree with the creator's response, "Me when I'm sober." This is us every time we see a dog! 

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