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Video of Patient Bunny Waiting for His Special Bedtime Snack Is Beyond Precious

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with a little rabbit named Walter! He's been making the rounds on TikTok, and in a new video shared to his account, @itswalterhops, we have the pleasure of seeing him patiently wait for his favorite bedtime snack.

As his mom explains in the clip, each night, he sits at the ready after hearing her putting his snack together, which is a tasty salad of romaine lettuce. He gets so excited for his treat, but it's what he does before mom gives it to him that's so unbelievably precious. 

What a good little boy hopping in his crate to eat like that! Aww. Walter. You're such a distinguished little gentleman. Exactly no one can resist the cuteness of this bunny crunching away on his salad. Walter has so many fans! As @Ryleigh Bell exclaimed, "If this bunny asked me to commit a federal crime, I would do it immediately." Um, who wouldn't? Another TikTok user, @iRobbieMac added, "Oh my word. Look at Baby Walter sitting on his little lava mat! 🥰 I had a stressful day. This made me smile! Walter is sooooo Adorable! ❤" He truly is!

And @Ashley let Walter's mom know that her bunnies love salad as well, saying, "Aww, so cute! I make salads for my babies every night, too! we have 10 of them 🥰💞."

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If Walter enjoying his salad isn't cute enough, check out this other video of him having breakfast with his mom.

We simply can't get enough of this precious boy! 

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