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Actress Nina Dobrev 'Takes Over' Her Dog's Bed in Precious Photo

With all the things we buy for our pets, it's hard not to become a bit of a snob. In fact, most pet parents will find a few products they swear by...and might even use for themselves! Just ask Nina Dobrev, who posted the sweetest picture to her dog's account, @mrs.maverick

In the photos, the star-studded duo cuddles up close on Maverick's dog bed. Non-dog people might find it odd that she's on the floor with her girl, but pet parents--we get it!

Aww, just look at them! We love how cozy they are together, but TBH, we've got an eye on that dog bed. It just looks so padded and soft! We aren't the only ones vibing with it either (other than Nina, obv!)

"I do this as well," shared @bdwyflybrett. We don't blame you! Some dog beds are unbelievably comfy--which must be why they're so expensive. For our fur baby's comfort though, we'd pay anything. @Photodebbiem wrote, "they now make dog beds for humans," and you best believe we'll be looking online immediately.

Then again, we could just take our buddy to our bed instead! Commenter @slaylikedobrev had the same idea, writing, "I’m pretty sure you sleep in your mom bed too👀." Busted! With a face like Maverick's though, we bet she could have her pick of the beds. She's just that cute!

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