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Noodle the Pug Gets the Best Birthday Cake and Even Humans are Salivating

If you've been on the internet in the last two years, you know Noodle. The Pug has become known for his ability to predict if it's a "bones or no bones day" (i.e. a good day or a bad day) and in the process has attracted millions of followers. But did you know that he recently had a birthday? The pup looked so happy digging into a specially made birthday cake his owner presented to him. And TBH, we wish we could get a slice too. 

We already know that Noodle is very loved by his owner @jongraz, but even he was in awe of the cake he got for his happy pooch. "Are you ready for you cake?" he says in the footage. "Update: Noodle loves his birthday cake. It is peanut butter, apple sauce..." but you'll never guess what the cake had as a garnish. 

"Ham roses," Graz says with a laugh. Okay, now that's pretty cool. "Only the best for my sweet little ham rose!" he joked in the caption. 

Truthfully, the comments section was a little jealous of the dog's delicious treat. "But like… can we normalize HAM ROSES for humans too PLEASE?!" @dallasman04 wondered. "This is the purest thing I’ve ever seen. Ham roses are what it’s all about," @kellyolkowskiseivers added. "Never exactly been one to compliment dog food (even if it is fit for human consumption) but that cake is amazing! Happy birthday sweet prince!" @crazyastheycome1 joked. "Ham roses!? I love it!! And it looks like Noodle does too!" @nicoleleigh555 wrote. 

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Happy birthday Noodle! We guess we know what to get you next year. More ham roses!

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