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Simple Video of Norfolk Terrier Sleeping on a Train in the Moment of Calm We All Need

Traveling for work is such a drag. After constantly doing it day in and day out, it gets boring. It feels like you're commuting for hours and it's a total waste of time, in our opinion. But we wouldn't mind the commute if we got to see this every day. 

TikTok doggo @misothenorfolk was joining others on a train one day. A dog on a train?! O.M.G. Count us in! Miso took up one of the seats on the train, but we don't think anyone cared. She was minding her own business in the most adorable way. Check it out!

Aww! What a little cutie sleeping the day away. Normally we wouldn't want to sit next to anyone on a train, but if we saw a Norfolk Terrier like Miso, we'd absolutely have to sit next to her. It would make the commute so much more enjoyable. @spikyleaf wrote, "I never knew you could take dogs on the train!" Neither did we! And we sure hope we start seeing more doggos!

"Omg how precious," said @lilfrenchiesoph. Right?! Miso was all curled up, catching some very needed Zzzs. We hope this doggo had some beautiful dreams too. 

Even the official TikTok for the Holiday Inn Express commented. It reads, "So well train-ed 😍🐶." LOL! Not only is it a great pun joke, but it's also so true. Miso was calm during the train, not bothering anyone. Perfect doggo in our eyes!  


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