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North Carolina Shelter Dog Who's 'Losing Faith' Has Us in Tears

Being adopted from a shelter is the happiest day in many dogs' lives because they are excited to finally have a warm bed and loving family. However, sometimes, dogs are returned to the shelter after their adoption, and these pups become downtrodden and discouraged. One pup has had especially bad luck with his adoptions, and we are heartbroken for him.

Adoption First Animal Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue and shelter based in North Carolina. They recently shared a video on their TikTok page, @adoptionfirstnc, of a beagle available for adoption named Balor. This pup has been adopted and returned twice due to life changes of his adopters, and he is losing faith in ever finding a family. Check out the video to see this sweet dog and help Balor find his true forever home.

OMG, we feel so bad for Balor! He seems so depressed to be back in the shelter again, and we can't image how difficult this must be for him. There is nothing worse than feeling unwanted and discarded by those who promised to care for you.

People in the comments are praying for Balor to get some stability in his life. @spoiledandblessed0 said, "God bless his little heart. I wish that a sweet family would adopt him. Poor baby!" Another user, @friendsspca, commented, "The right family hasn’t come yet! Hang in there, Balor…they’ll be worth the wait." We need someone to show Balor the love and consistency he has been lacking!

Others thought this dog was just adorable. @thiscosmikdebris commented, "What a beautiful hound! They're the best dogs!" and @danizluv1 said, "He’s so cute, I hope he will find his home!" Such a pretty dog should have someone eager to adopt him soon!

Balor has had a very difficult life, and we would love it if he could catch a break. This pup's perfect match is out there somewhere, we just need to find them!

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