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NC Dog's Sad Face Upon Watching Other Pups Get Adopted Breaks Our Hearts

It breaks our hearts to think about how many dogs are sitting in shelters waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes for all the dogs that need one. One shelter pup was watching other dogs find their forever homes and had the most heartbreaking reaction.

Adoption First NC is an animal rescue organization based in Jacksonville, NC. They recently shared a video on their TikTok page, @adoptionfirstnc, about one of their available pups, Cider, a Shepherd mix. In the video, they show her reaction to watching other dogs get adopted while she is still without a forever home. Check out the video to see this sad moment.

Oh my goodness, our hearts are breaking for poor Cider! She desperately wants a home, but no one has had an interest in adopting her yet. We don't understand why—she's gorgeous!

People in the comments are hoping Cider finds a loving home soon. @tazmanian_jew said, "Prayers for your forever home. Sweet baby!" and @mildred_lathbury commented, "Aww, Cider is so sweet! Someone give Cider a home!" We hope she gets the love she deserves soon!

Other people were amazed at Cider's good looks. @elizabethforeste2 commented, "What a beautiful face! She's a sweet girl," and @calibkgsd said, "You’re so beautiful cider. Your family is out there!" Cider has such a sweet face, we know someone won't be able to resist adopting her soon!

It is upsetting to see Cider so sad. This sweet girl deserves to be loved, spoiled, and comforted, but instead she is sitting in a cage at the shelter! We are eager to see who finally saves her.

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