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Dog at North Carolina Shelter Who Has Never Had a 'Meet and Greet' Makes Us Want to Sob

Sometimes, dog shelters have too many dogs and not enough interested adopters. This can lead to some dogs sitting in shelters for a long time, waiting day after day for someone to bring them home. One pup who has been at the shelter for nearly half a year is struggling to get adopted, and it is heartbreaking.

Adoption First Rescue is a dog rescue organization based in Jacksonvile, North Carolina. They recently shared a video on their TikTok account, @adoptionfirstnc,  of a black Labrador mix named Capone who has been having a difficult time impressing potential adopters, much to our surprise. Check out the video below to see this cute pup and help him get adopted! 

Awww, we feel so sorry for Capone! We can't understand why this sweet and adorable pup hasn't gotten more interest since he has been available for adoption. There's nothing sadder than a dog languishing in a shelter while all of his furry friends find their forever families.

People in the comments were just as shocked as we are that Capone hasn't had more interest. @sarahpaulineee said, "Capone! You are gorgeous! How have you not been adopted?!" and @marlenedenson845 commented, "He is such a SWEET dog!" The lack of interest in Capone is truly a big mystery!

Others were hopeful that Capone would find his people soon. @mistydawnbain commented, "Capone is a pure good boy. I hope someone sees him soon," and @nicolemarina3 said, "Capone deserves a loving home. I hope someone blesses Capone with an amazing home ASAP." Our biggest hope is that someone adopts Capone soon!

We think Capone is just such a sweet pup and know that he will impress someone with his cute face and polite demeanor soon! People would have to be crazy to pass on this good boy.

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