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Nosy Emu Takes Over Florida Farmer's TikTok Video and We Can't Stop Laughing

Our animals keep us entertained, there's no doubt about it. That's exactly why TikTok is buzzing with animal-related content, from pets to wildlife and everything in between. In the case of Knuckle Bump Farms, though, it's their spirited emu, Emmanuel, who steals the show--every show.

Emmanuel recently rose to TikTok stardom when his caretaker, Taylor Blake, started posting his hilarious interruptions online. Time and time again, Emmanuel butts in to attack her phone whenever she tries recording. Honestly, we don't think it will ever get old. Taylor's clever comments plus Emmanuel's naughtiness equals pure Internet gold. Trust us on this one.

OMG, this bird really likes to push the boundaries! Emmanuel totally reminds us of any naughty pet, so it makes it even funnier to know that curiosity and mischievousness are universal among species. Even Taylor is trying not to laugh!

Then again it is pretty hilarious to watch Emmanuel think through his choices. Even when we know he totally was going to attack the phone, he just had to act like he wasn't. 

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"Emanuel: “FINEEEE GIRLLL I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT," commented @la_esquina_del_huevo. LMAO! That captures the bird's reaction so perfectly. So innocent! 

Even if this is the first Emmanuel video you've seen, it's pretty obvious he's known for these types of shenanigans. It does take a second to register what's going on, though, which makes it even funnier in our opinion.

@Annalisebm knows what we mean! She wrote, "type of cow: Emanuel don’t do it. me: got it, i’ve really never have heard of that type of cow." Taylor was clearly  more than prepared for his grand entrance, and we're happy to report that this is a regular occurrence. 

Not the government name! How in the world Taylor came up with 'Emmanuel Todd Lopez we have no idea, but we are 100% here for it. Heaven only knows what interruptions their future videos hold, but we're already excited to see them.

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