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Video Showing Adoptable Senior Cats Makes Us Want Them All

There are so many fantastic reasons to adopt a senior cat. Their personalities have developed, so you'll know at the shelter if they are highly affectionate or more aloof. They are great at using their litter boxes. They aren't as destructive and hyper as little kittens. And most older cats have a harder time finding a new home because a lot of people view kittens as cuter

Welp, we are here to squash that opinion because older cats are awesome, as this adorable video posted by TikTok account @Nyacc proves. Which cat is your favorite? 

We want them all! @Michelleandmisskitty posts, "Yes!!!!!! Seniors are the best."@Laurenc152 comments, "I want them all!!!! I have two 14 year old kitties and they’re the best ever!Praying for homes for all of these sweeties!!!!" @Ayan says, "I hope they all get adopted!" 

November is Senior Cat Month so your own local shelter may be having reduced fees for cats of a certain age. Considering it's the holiday season, an older cat would probably make an excellent early Christmas gift for yourself.

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