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Story of Horse ‘Fostering’ Foal After Her Mom Passed Away Is Moving People to Tears

TikTok user @rachelreillyphotography recently shared a rollercoaster of a story about a horse "fostering" a foal. As it turns out, this little foal lost her mother unexpectedly when she was just three days old. It was a horrible loss for the entire family, not just the baby. But they needed to act quickly so this little baby horse could be nursed. As fate would have it, there was a local nurse mare nearby. 

"By an absolute miracle, we were able to find a nurse mare just 9 miles away the night Josie passed," the video starts off. Wow! What are the chances there was a nurse mare so close? That really is a miracle! The clip continues on showing how the nurse mare and foal started off together and how their relationship unfolds. We'd say it was love at first sight! 

Aww! We can’t get over how quickly these two bonded. They must’ve known the pain the other one was going through and so they leaned on each other from the start. Now they’re inseparable. This family is so lucky there was a nurse mare so close by. Both horses are back at the family’s home where they will stay together until weaning is complete.

TikTok user @Lindsey wrote, “Omg when they were laying down next to each other…. I broke!!! Happy tears.” The best kind of tears possible! we’re so moved by how quickly they became comfortable with each other. The love this nurse mare gave the foal goes to show animals will care for anything in need. “Foster mommas are worth their weight in gold,” said @Tall Pine Labradors LLC. Aww! This mare really is like a foster mom. 

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“Crazy how close by she was, too. The stars aligned ❤️,” commented @Grains & Manes Farm. This is especially true since this mare also lost her little baby. The world knew these two needed each other after they both lost their family. Everything happens for a reason! 

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