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New York City Dog Shelter in 'Crisis Mode' Is Desperate for People to Foster or Adopt

The Animal Care Centers of NYC, known on TikTok as @nycacc, is sending out a cry for help as shelters in the city are in 'crisis mode' due to the overcrowding of animals. In a recent TikTok, the ACC said their shelters specifically need help with the overpopulation of dogs. The worst part is that this isn't just a New York City problem. It's, unfortunately, happening all across the country.

The shelter explained in the video that they ran out of room. All the kennels are completely full so dogs are being placed in pop-up crates in the hallways. Ugh, we're crying. They're scrambling for help because they're running out of options. The clip goes on to show just some of the many dogs that need loving homes. Listen to hear how you can help. 

Ugh, this is seriously so heartbreaking. The ACC is desperately seeking emergency foster families or those willing to adopt. No animal deserves this so we really hope people in the city come through. Even if you can't take on an animal full time, emergency fostering lets you still help. This means housing a dog for at least a week, which will help with the overcrowding in shelters. 

@emhelu2022 said, "NYC, you always come through. Let's do this, let's give them a home even if it's a temporary one." These helpless babies need all of us! We're praying that they're able to get the help they need. And by the looks of it, several people in the comments were saying they already submitted the forms. That's INCREDIBLE!

If you would like to help, please check out their emergency dog foster form. And if you're not living in NYC, contact your local shelter to see how you can help.