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TikToker Shows Off NYC's Dog Cafe and We're Ready to Book a Flight ASAP

Whether New York City is still on your bucket list or you're lucky enough to live nearby, you'll want to add this dog-welcoming cafe to your itinerary. You'll need somewhere to stop for refreshments while you're out and about in this pet-friendly city, after all! NYC-based TikToker @glitterandlazers took a look at the chic cafe, and it didn't take long for us to fall in love.

Boris & Horton is a dog cafe located in the city's East Village, though they offer takeout for those who can't stay long, too. If we're being honest, though, who wouldn't want to stay and see all the dogs?

Isn't this place just the cutest? We're honestly surprised we haven't heard about Boris & Horton before, considering it's the first Dog Cafe in New York City--but better late than never, right? @Glitterandlazers seemed to have a blast during her visit, and we'd expect nothing less from a trip of our own! We may or may not already be shopping for airline tickets...

This TikToker's pup seemed right at home in the cafe, too--which must be a good sign! It's cute to see all the dogs saying hello and playing around, but we do encourage pet parents to brush up on their dog's socialization skills before visiting. Responsible pet ownership ensures that everyone has a good time!

We totally loved how dog-friendly this cafe is, even though they serve drinks for humans, too. It looks like a very clean, well-kept space! There's even a menu completely for canines, plus a shop where you can buy the cafe's signature treats. What else could you need?

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