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NYC Dog Parade Tradition Is Quickly Approaching and We Want In

With Halloween quickly approaching, it's time to not only figure out our costumes but also our pets' outfits. Because let's face it, our fur babies in costumes are so much cooler than any of us dressing up. And if you want to see dozens of doggos in costumes, all you have to do is head to New York City!

TikTok user @thekatieromero shared with us what might be our new favorite Fall tradition. Every year there is a Halloween dog parade at Tompkins Square Park in NYC. We didn't know about it until this video and now, it's officially on our bucket list. Check out videos from last year's event! 

O.M.G. Is this not the coolest Halloween event you've ever seen!? We're absolutely marking our calendars for this. And if we don't make it this year, you can count on us for next Halloween! "Can you go if you don't have a dog?! Just to dog sightsee!" asked @asa10140. Oh absolutely you can! The creator said she goes every year and she doesn't have a dog. LOL! Count us in!

"I would loveeee to bring my puppy but she's going to think every single dog there is a gigantic mobile dog toy," said @_lehcar__. We're sure she won't be the only dog that thinks this. Some costumes are so detailed that the dogs really do look like they're walking toys. Easy mix-up! LOL! 

"That's my birthday!! I'm definitely going," wrote @Kristin Polera. We just know that's going to be the best birthday ever. No way any birthday after that will be topped! Save the date and mark your calendars! The event starts at noon on October, 22. We can't wait to see all the adorable fluffs! 


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