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NYC Dog's Elation Over Getting a Hot Dog Is Just the Best

Everyone knows hot dogs are a classic New York City street food, and you can find a hot dog stand on just about every street corner of the city. Whenever dogs are out for a walk, their noses are in the air and sniffing for a spare hot dog to snatch up. Well, one pup is living every NYC dog's dream in this viral video.

TikTok user @hudsonbegood recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Hudson, on the hunt for a hot dog. In the video, Hudson arrives at a hot dog cart, stands up with his front paws on the counter, and gobbles up his special treat. Check out the video to see Hudson's elation at getting a hot dog!

OMG, Hudson is so happy to be eating his hot dog. We can tell this pup has been dreaming about this moment for a long time, and we can't blame him—street hot dogs are delicious! This video is just the best.

People in the comments think this video is adorable. @titecaro14 said, "Aww, his little rain jacket. This is TOO cute!" and @kimhuisman1985 commented, "Oh my goodness, Hudson looks so adorable in his ducky raincoat, and he's such a patient boy!" Hudson is the biggest fashion icon in New York!

Others praised the hot dog vendor for her great customer service! @theresefinnegan59 commented, "Kudos to the hot dog vendor for being so kind! " and @artyg420 said, "That's so awesome, his buddy fed it to him! What a great street meat dude!" We need to become regulars at this man's hot dog stand!

Hudson absolutely loved that hot dog, and he'll likely be clamoring for another one soon. We hope there isn't a hot dog shortage any time soon, or we know one pup who will be very disappointed!

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