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Video of NYC Shelter Dogs Who've Been There the Longest Is an Eye-Opener

It makes us sad to think about all the dogs that are available for adoption and are sitting in shelters without a family to love them. These pups are deserving of a warm and caring home without the stress and loneliness of a shelter. One shelter is doing their best to get their pups adopted by sharing some of the available residents in a video.

Animal Care Centers of NYC is a rescue organization for homeless and abandoned animals in New York City. They recently shared a TikTok on their account, @nycacc, of the dogs at the shelter that have been there the longest. In the video, we meet some adorable pups that would be the perfect addition to many homes. Check out the video to see these dogs and help them get adopted!

Oh my goodness, these dogs are just adorable. We know they will find homes very soon—who could resist those precious faces!

People in the comments are wishing these pups well on their search for a home. @leahmariefuls said, "I hope all these sweet angels get good homes right away," and @thatgirlisspicy commented, "Let’s get these babies homes before the holidays, they need homes!" These pups would make the holiday season even more festive and fun!

Others shared how difficult it can be to adopt a dog because so many apartment rentals have restrictions on the pets that are allowed. @ninjabunnyx3 commented, "It’s sad that a lot of places that rent don’t allow dogs or have a weight restriction." Another user, @starrr89, expressed a similar sentiment: "I feel like it’s been so hard lately because apartments have so many breed and weight restrictions, and no one can afford homes anymore. It’s a bummer." This is definitely contributing to the amount of bigger dogs that aren't getting adopted!

We hope all of these pups find their forever homes very soon. We can tell all of these pups would be wonderful companions and no one would regret adopting them!

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