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Octopus 'Hugs and Kisses' Diver in Extremely Rare Footage

Scuba diving is no easy feat, and it takes a person of a a certain pedigree to do it correctly and confidently. One woman knew what she was doing on her dive when she captured video footage showing the kind of crazy things that can occur when taking the plunge.

The TikTok account for CTV News, a news program in Canada, recently shared footage captured by a diver on her recent excursion. In the video, she encounters a nearly 10-foot-long octopus who approached the diver and did something very unexpected. Check out the video to see one great reason why marine life is so beautiful and worthy of preservation!

Wow, what an amazing moment! This octopus wrapped its arms around the diver and placed its tentacles on her mouth, which the diver described as a hug and a kiss. Marine life never ceases to amaze us!

People in the comments remarked on how awesome this is. @lil_ms_mellybean said, "I love this. What a great and wonderful experience. Slightly jealous," and @rocco06260 commented, "What a fabulous creature. So unique!" We loved getting this up-close and rare look at this ocean predator.

Others cracked a few jokes about the unusual moment. @kathylovestolearn commented, "This was her former lover in her last life," and @stuartgdspark said, "Ok, I've seen everything. Time to go to the moon." This was definitely a rare occurrence that has us crossing off an item on our bucket list!

We are amazed at how calm this diver was during the encounter and relieved that the octopus had pure intentions. We know we wouldn't have been able to fight off the mollusk if it had been angling for a snack!

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