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Video of 'Office Dogs' Arriving at Work for the Day Is a Total Dream Come True

You've probably seen this TikTok trend that has recently been making its way around different workplaces. The clip begins out by saying what time work starts and then it proceeds to capture what time everyone comes into the office, showing all the different types of workers. Some are there bright and early, ready to go, while others rush in a few minutes late. We love this trend because it's hilarious and it's also fun to figure out which employee we'd be. But by far the best version of this trend comes from a UK business that specializes in gifts for dogs, cats and their humans. 

The clip, which was posted to TikTok account @yappy_com, starts out the same as every other. But instead of filming humans walking into work, it captures the office dogs! The work day is supposed to start at 9 a.m. and just like humans, all the dogs were coming in at different times. Some dogs were there well before the start time. And of course, there were stragglers that don't want to come into the office. Who can blame them? We're the same way! What dog are you most like?! 

LOL! We could watch this every single morning! We can't believe how similar these dogs are to humans going to work. They're showing such a range of emotions too from one practically running into the office to a doggo who kept his head down, so upset it's Monday. We feel ya bud, we feel ya! 

"These dogs are more on time to work than I am 😂," said @uncutchristal. Seriously! The day we're there 20 minutes early is the day our boss will be concerned. LOL! @weareplufl added, "I relate to Lottie." Ugh, yes. Monday mornings are the worst! Our personal favorite is Dougie. @tiktakcouple wrote, "Dougie in his PJs 😂😂." Honestly, all us remote workers are definitely Dougie! 

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Now we all know who is the employee of the year. @Knh319 said, "Presley for the win! Super cute!" Absolutely! She was so excited to get started. How can we be more like Presley?! BTW, get ready because part 2 should be coming shortly and this time it will feature the doggos that were out on holiday! LOL! 

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