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Hero Veteran Rushes to Save Puppy From a Deep Ravine Before It's Too Late

Recently, in Ross County, Ohio, an 8-week-old puppy was stuck after falling 80-100 feet down a ravine. It had luckily landed on a slate ledge near a small waterfall, keeping it within reachable distance for potential rescue. The Ross County Humane Society arrived on the scene after receiving a call, but staff members were unable to reach the puppy. They could hear the small pup's cries but the distance was simply too great.

Unsure of what to do, the Ross County Human Society put out a plea for help on their social media outlets. Fortunately, Joe Lawhorn, a local veteran and professional cyclist, saw the plea and jumped into action. Lawhorn arrived at the scene and skillfully scaled nearly 100 feet down the ravine, where he was able to retrieve the puppy and bring him back up to safety. 

The Humane Society took the puppy to the North Folk Animal Clinic for a medical examination. Everything seemed in order, and the clinic sent the pup back to the shelter, where he was christened "Kenda." The name choice was a tribute to Lawhorn and one of his cycling sponsors, Kenda Tire Road N Gravel. Four other puppies residing at the shelter were also named after some of Lawhorn's other sponsors—Rudy, Irwin, Marque, and Fuji.

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All of these puppies, Kenda included, will be up for adoption in just a few days' time. Here's to Kenda's safe rescue and Lawhorn's bravery! We're happy this story ended on such a high note.

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