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Older Cat's Sweet Bond With New Kitten Gives Us All the Feels

Introducing your older cat to a new kitten can always feel sort of nerve-wracking. You hope that the older cat will get along well with the new addition to the family, but any multiple cat owner can tell you sometimes these bonds can form very slowly.

TikTok user @Oliverhtecat recently shared a video of what happened when she left her older cat alone with her new kitten for the first time. In the video, an adult, grey cat lounges on a table while the new kitten is busy making friends with him. When Mom walks in her, her apprehension and fears are totally alleviated. Check out the video to see what happened during the introduction!

OMG how adorable is this! The older male cat has zero issue with the new kitten. It's just beyond sweet. People in the comments are loving this with @Clary posting, "Omg the big kitty looks just like mine! Even has the fangs!" Both of these cats look alike as well, and @jam asks, "Is that not his father? They look just alike." The account holder explains they were even adopted from different rescues. @Rachael says, "That kitten said "Who's your daddy now?" LOL, we love them. 

It's always tempting to add another animal to your household, and hopefully with time, treats and patience your pets will get along as beautifully as they to do. We jjust love to see it! 

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