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Video of Older Cat Helping Kitten Retrieve a Toy Is a Tear-Jerker

Even though cats are more known for their attitude than their kindness, there are a few felines who will change your mind. One of those is Noki, TikTok user @lexonei's Scottish fold cat. He recently became a big brother to a lil' kitten named Nala, and they're truly the best of friends.

While Nala entertains herself with a toy in one of Lex's recent videos, she gets it stuck where she can't see it. Luckily, her big brother is there to help!

OMG, how sweet is that? We just adore Noki for doing something so kind for his sis. Not only is it a very un-feline thing to do, but it's not something all siblings would do, either! 

"What a special cat he is," agreed viewer @issaz77. "I’ve never witnessed my cats help one another. Beautiful boy." He's just the best! These Scottish fold siblings are positively precious with looks alone, but when you add in adorable personalities like these, there's no resisting the preciousness!

Lex replied, "we always say he’s a dog in a cat's body. He’s so smart and so loving." He sure is! We're surprised Lex's entire account isn't dedicated to these cuties--especially when they're as sweet to each other as they are. Everyone simply loves them!

We're on the exact same page as @cyclonicsugar, who's obsessed with "the cutest cats ever and the coolest most organized beautiful bookshelf ever!!!!" Could Lex have filmed this video in paradise? Nope--it's just her living room, but it's still hard to top a cozy space with cats and books. Especially with cats as cute as these two! 

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