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Man Brings Ice Cream to the Oldest Dog in the Animal Shelter and Pleads for Someone to Adopt Her

Every animal deserves a loving home. Even senior dogs like Share, a 13-year-old dog at an animal rescue who just needs love and a stable home. Enter TikTok creator @missiondriven, who wanted to raise awareness for Share's situation and hoped he can find her a fur-ever family. 

The TikToker started the video by bringing the pup an ice cream cone — how sweet! But the reason why he paid her the visit is absolutely serious. Take a look. 

"She was found with another dog, we assume just abandoned in a park," he explained in the footage. "Just heartbreaking to think at that age somebody would give  up an animal. But that's the world we live in sadly," he added. 

"Share's the oldest dog in the animal shelter and she hasn’t had a single person expressed interest since she arrived. She’s a very special girl, who needs a very special home," he wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section wanted to lend a hand. "Please someone take her home. Please God let her find a home," @moonlitember8 wrote. "Aww baby girl… please help her. She need to live the rest of her life in calm," @whzkygirl urged. "Seniors deserve love and a second chance as well as younger ones," @fran.cat37 commented. 

Here's hoping that someone sees this video and brings this poor pup home. 

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