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One-Eyed Bulldog's Adorable Snores While Napping Are Too Good to Miss

It doesn't matter how old we get, nothing can beat a nap. In fact, we prefer naps more now than we did when we were a kid. LOL! Our personal favorite is an afternoon snooze, snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and Netflix playing lightly in the background. And based on this TikTok from @winstontheoneeyedbulldog, we'd say his favorite type of nap is very similar. 

In a recent clip, this English Bulldog named Winston, was caught snoozing the day away. He was lounging out on his dog bed, knocked out from a long day of what we assume consisted of playing and getting showered with attention. Ruff life being a dog! But it's not his sleeping that we find so adorable. It's what he does during his snooze that is everything. Just make sure you have your volume up while watching Winston! 

Aww! What a little baby! His tongue was out, which is an indication that he was really tired. And then did you hear his snoring?! Because if not, you need to rewatch and turn it up! It's a sure sign of a good nap. And he sounds just like a human. LOL!

"This is what my dad looks and sounds like in his recliner once 7PM hits," wrote @sarahshelton93. LMAO! If this isn't the most relatable comment, we don't know what is. Guess every dad does this! @Nathan Dill added, "I like that he sleeps how cartoon dogs sleep." O.M.G. He absolutely sounds like a cartoon. We always thought those cartoons were exaggerations, but Winston is out here proving us wrong! 

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Another TikTok user, @Doctor Funkopolis, said, "I wish I could sleep as well as he does." Ugh, don't we all?! We've never been fast asleep like Winston is in the video. And you can just tell that his nap hits differently. Maybe one day we can snooze like Winston!  

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