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TikToker Explaining Facts About Orange Cats Will Blow Your Mind

We can't possibly know or remember all the facts about every animal in the world. We're sure there are some people out there that can. And we wish we could! But that's why we turn to TikTok for little tidbits of info. There's honestly not a day that goes by that we don't learn something new. Whether that's different hacks, places to visit or animal facts. We love learning it all! 

This recent TikTok video from @bestfriendsanimalsociety shares with us facts about orange cats that we haven't realized before. Throughout the clip, she explains different things about orange cats and even shows pictures of famous orange cats. For starters, every orange cat has a pattern. There is no completely orange cat. What?! So interesting! Watch the video to learn more! 

Wow, the more you know! Guess this means we need to stop calling them orange cats. Also, very cool to learn that 80% of orange cats are male. That's a fun fact to keep in our back pocket. 

You're telling us there is no completely solid orange cat!? Are we the only ones just finding out about this? LOL! "Not me chasing my orange cat around the house looking for his pattern," said @karalynndunton. Ha! We'll be checking every orange cat we see from here on out. And we'll specifically be looking for the 'M' on their foreheads! Does your orange cat have the 'M' symbol?

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"I also notice that orange cats are very vocal. They love to respond when you talk to them," wrote @he11aweird. So not only we'll be checking their patterns, but we'll also be checking to see if they talk. LOL! We love all these facts we learned. But now, all we want is our own orange cat!  

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