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Orange Cat's Unbothered Attitude During Storm Is Right on Par with Cat Behavior

There's no question that cats are very independent animals. They walk to the beat of their own drum with no worries in the world. In fact, we're a little jealous that cats are so carefree and this video is proof that cats are unbothered.

TikTok user @ryanthelionmeow captured the most cat-like video we've ever seen. There was a storm rolling through and people were outside on a deck. Then the camera pans over to an orange cat also outside. But unlike the people clearly annoyed with the rain, this cat couldn't care less. LOL!

We can't help but laugh a little at this video because the cat seriously didn't care a storm was approaching. But, of course, we're also worried for the kitty. It is nice to know that this clip was posted before Hurricane Ian so the storm isn't as bad as we originally thought.  

"Not a care in the world 😂 every orange cat ever," commented Not just orange cats, every cat ever. LOL! We don't blame them though. They're just living the life they want to. @belladonna1025 added, "We should all strive to be this unbothered." Honestly though! Imagine how less stressful life would be. LOL! We need to be more like this cat!

TikTok users can't help but think the cat had something to do with the storm. Ha! These people are just trying to make connections to Halloween as the spooky season is nearing. "Dudes probably the one who summoned it to begin with," said @ranchwifelife. LOL! 


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