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Precious Oregon Dog Who's Been Adopted and Returned Twice Breaks Our Hearts

We've heard unfortunate stories about animals getting adopted and then returning to the shelter. That breaks our hearts because these poor babies had false hope they were going home with their forever families. We don't understand why, but we hope those families had a good reason to return those animals. 

And now we're hearing of a similar story from the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, Oregon, except this one is even worse. Meet Indigo, a beautiful one-year-old puppo. She's been adopted and returned not once, but twice. UGH. You'll need a tissue to watch this clip from TikTok user @therainabaina

Nooo, how could this happen to beautiful Indigo?! She looks like the sweetest dog that would share the love with every single person she meets. We feel so bad that she thought she was going to her forever home twice now. No animal should have to go through that. 

"People can be so cruel and impatient. They obviously don't deserve a dog. I hope she finds the most loving forever home soon!!" said @xkfmx. We know things happen, but if you are looking to adopt, we surely hope this shows you to be patient. These animals have been through so much, it may take time to adjust. 

@mildred_lathbury wrote, "Indigo looks so special. Someone give her a forever family!!" Don't worry, Indigo, we have a feeling the third time will be a charm!


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