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Mom's Story of Rescuing an Orphaned Bison Calf Is So Moving

There is nothing we love more than a rescue animal with a happy ending. It warms our hearts to see an animal with low survival probability beat the odds and live a wonderful life. See the bison calf that got this experience this thanks to one selfless rancher in the video below.

TikTok user @steadyrein recently shared a video of a bison calf named Lucy. In the video, this user rescued Lucy as an orphan and nursed her until she was old enough to survive on her own with the bison pack. Check out the video to see their full story and the lovely bond between Lucy and her rescuer.

Wow, this is amazing! Kudos to this TikTok user who saved Lucy and gave her a meaningful life. It's so precious how Lucy came with her new mom everywhere for her bottle feedings when she was first rescued. People like this keep our faith in humanity alive!

People in the comments gushed over Lucy. @natalienellxxoo said, "Tell her I said she's amazing and give her a little pat," and @sherrieeee76 commented, "What a lovely story! Give Lucy a treat for me!" Everyone wants to make sure Lucy is given plenty of love on their behalf!

Others praised Lucy's rescuer for her amazing and dedicated hard work. @cherrycordial commented, "You did your job mama, she’s growing up!" and @tylerfalcon0 said, "She will live a long happy life because of you!" What an amazing thing to be to be able to do for a living being!

We are so moved by this heartwarming story. Lucy and her rescuer have an amazing bond, and we are so lucky to be able to witness it in this video. We need more people like this woman to work in animal care!

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