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Video of Baby Otter Rescued After Being Chased by an Eagle Is Capturing Hearts

People on the internet have fallen in love with an otter named Otis, after it was revealed that he was rescued from the unthinkable. As explained on the TikTok page @pernie.roos, the poor animal was saved from an Eagle by a group of sailors who happened to pass by. And now the TikToker is documenting their journey to getting Otis back on his feet. 

As the TikTok creator from the Åland Islands explained, Otis was found "swimming for his life" from the bird and thankfully saved. The sailors tried to wait for the otter's mother to return and save him — but she never came. "He was way too small to be out on open water all by himself and [was] very tired after being chased," the text overlay reads. "They brought him to us and he pretty much slept through the first 24 hours," it states. The video then cut to a week after the attack and shows how Otis is doing now. 

"Flash forward one week and now he is more active, eating a lot of salmon everyday," the onscreen caption states. Now that's one happy boy!

People in the comments section were pleased with Otis' progress. "I would do anything for this lil nugget," @gsteelebb vowed. "Aaaand I would never be able to set him back in the wild," @lauraahawkins_ joked. "I would legit fight a rabid bear while wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress for him," @ijustworkhere2021 kidded. 

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It's in Otis' best interest for him to be released back into the wild. Which is why the TikTok creator explained that they're hoping to get him back home in four to six months. Such good news!

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