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Video of Otter's Precious Little Squeaks Has People Totally Obsessed

There is something about otters that are just too precious. We mean, have you ever seen how they hold hands while they swim? Well, now we can add another cute otter behavior to our list — squeaking. Yep, you read that right. In fact, video of a very chatty otter has captured over 3 million viewer's hearts on TikTok — and you have to see this for yourself.

The short, but sweet video was shared onto the @mycuteotters page. The TikTok page shows the sweetest clips of otters, but one particular video has taken the internet by storm. Apparently the otter had a lot on their mind! 

We can't even begin to describe how cute these noises are. They are the tiniest of squeaks. 

Suffice it to say, we weren't the only ones who found the noises to be cute. Commenters were positively obsessed. "How am I not supposed to steal one?" @maartiii91 wondered. "Why did I think they didn't make noise?! I'll have four please," @hannah_nicole500 teased. "'Yeah I’ll have four fish nuggets, and- what Jerry? Jerry wants some too,'" @just_a_some0ne joked, as if reading the otter's mind. "I'm currently looking for states to live where I can legally own an otter," @jess.h.21 joked. 

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Another video on their page shows the two otters fighting over some food. But again, they're just so adorable that it's honestly pretty cute. They both really want that crab!

Okay, we're pretty much convinced that otters make the best pets. Especially if they're feeling talkative. In fact, we'd talk to this otter for hours. Chat away, little guy!

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