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Woman Shares Her Pet Owl’s Bedtime Routine and We’re Totally Fascinated

Before you complain about your 5-step skincare routine, wait and see what this woman does every night. TikToker and professional falconer @meandmyowl walked viewers through her pet owl's bedtime routine in a now-popular video that's amassed over 517.5 thousand views and 28.8 thousand likes. And yes, it's just as interesting as it sounds.

The owl, a 2-year-old named Oaky, is a gorgeous bird who has been with his human mother since he was injured as a baby. In this long ,but fascinating video, you’ll get a glimpse of Oaky’s cage, dinner, and daily schedule. Not to mention his little hoots!

How cool! We’re obsessed with Oaky’s stunning face and his mum’s bubbly personality, but her heart-stopping story about being attacked by a wild owl had us on the edge of our seats. Honestly, there’s so much to see and hear in this video! It’s easily worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch. 

One detail that distracted many viewers was Oaky's dinner. "Came for the owl, distracted by the gorgeous view & the rat youre causally flinging around by its tail. 😂 Love your page! 💕🦉" wrote @emilyhillgillespie. We had the exact same experience, though we're secretly glad Oaky didn't actually eat on camera (this time, anyway). 

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Oaky’s mum is clearly used to having the rodents around. She replied, “Haha… I knew that would get some laughs. I’m so used to it I don’t even think about the rats anymore. LOL. I DEFINITELY wash my hands though afterward.” That’s a step you should never skip! Germs are real, no matter how much you love your pet. 

The comment thread quickly turned into Owls 101, with many viewers asking the most burning questions. "How heavy is he?" asked @mystical.mommy.

Shockingly, he only weighs 38 ounces – that’s about 2 pounds!

Others asked how old Oaky is and how long an owl's life expectancy is (20-30 years), but one question from @slapdatcassss particularly piqued our interest: "I thought owls were nocturnal. So why is he being put to bed at night?"

“Well, Oaky is kind of special owl so he’s adapted to our schedule,” his mom replied. This all goes back to his rescue as an infant, so he acts differently from a wild owl. Who knows what else we’ll learn in future videos from this dynamic duo?

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