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Video of Pet Owl Having His Very 'First Date' Is Not Something We See Every Day

Part of being a parent is deciding when your kid can start dating and taking them to meet their date. One woman was experiencing this for the first time recently, but the kid she was taking on his first date was her owl.

TikTok user and content creator @meandmyowl is known online as the owner of a Great Horned Owl named Oaky. She recently shared a video of Oaky sitting on her shoulder as she carried him outside on their covered patio. Up in the rafters of the patio, there is a second owl and the two exchange a seres of hoots. The text on the beginning of the video says "Come along on Oaky's first date!" and we would be more than happy to. Check out the video to see how their date went!

Wow, that was so interesting to watch! We don't see owls often, and especially not as domesticated animals. It's awesome that he's still interacting with others of his species, though!

People in the comments had plenty of jokes to make about this unusual situation. @hottyhazelgirl said, "He met her after a tweet on Twitter," and @morganlee343 joked, "So you got two kids going to Hogwarts?" LOL, we are having a hoot over these jokes!

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Others thought this was such a cute owl interaction. @ber7pom commented, "This is ADORABLE! Love seeing your videos! Instant serotonin!" and @decemberdory said, "I’ve never been so envious of a person like I am watching this." Supervising an owl date is definitely going on our bucket list now!

This was awesome to watch because of how rare it is to see an owl up close like this. We love when people on TikTok take us along on their adventures with their unusual pets!

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