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Video of Little Owls Who Miraculously Survived 'Hurricane Ian' Is a Ray of Light

There's no debate about how devastating Hurricane Ian has been on the state of Florida. Despite the hardship, though, positive-minded people like @indigoteal are celebrating the little victories--like the survival of Southwest Florida's local burrowing owls. The TikTok user encountered the birds while out on a walk following the storm, and she updated her followers about their wellbeing.

Needless to say, TikTok is both relieved and grateful to see the animals. Despite their habitat being destroyed by Hurricane Ian, many of the owls survived and are beginning to return to their homes.

What little cuties they are! @Indigoteal's description of them as "little fat puffballs" is not only "so adorable," like commenter @hairgirl1982 said, but totally accurate, too. These owls aren't even babies--that's just how fluffy they are! 

"Omg-Cape Coral right!" asked viewer @deonnelauer. "Saw these last year on vacation. I love them🥰." We love them, too! If you read through the comments you'll see just how popular these ground owls are among both locals and tourists. @Dakugo_explosions said, "most of the burrowing owls survived in my neighborhood. I just saw my neighborhood quaker parrots return yesterday too!" That's such wonderful news--no wonder @indigoteal had to share her wonderful encounter!

"Thankful for small blessings 🥰," said @madisonmonarch. "Thank you for sharing 🥰." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

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